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Children need optimal love, nourishment, immune support and nuturing exploration in order to survive, grow, experience and learn from this World. It is all of our jobs to help role model, educate and supply the best resouces possible for our next generation of people.

At NPG, we find testing and talking can help identify individual children’s needs just as we do for adults. Food sensitivity testing helps determine personalized anti-inflammatory diets. Checking urine neurotransmitter levels can help identify protein needs for brain and nerve development. Checking red blood cells for nutrients determines if adequate vitamins and minerals are being assimilated. Fatty acid testing can see if the brain and body are getting enough essential fats for healthy growth. Sometimes it is necessary to identify urine toxic chemicals that interfere with a child’s growing nervous system and hormone balance. Assessing the electrical EEG balance as the brain functions can reveal areas of rebalance needed for attention, learning, feeling and understanding new experiences in life.

Treating physical and sports injuries to repair and regenerate joint ligaments and muscle tendons is important for quick recovery. Nourishment to support individual needs also helps with quick physical recovery and immune support.

We are not your pediatrician’s office for vaccines and routine check ups (although we often do school and camp physicals). Most parents and grandparents use us for information to optimize their child’s health and immune stamina.

Our tools to help your child’s body are gentle and nourishing. We use botanicals, nutritional supplements, homeopathics, physical medicine including Naturopathic manipulations, hydrotherapies and cold laser. Children are very comfortable with NPG’s Brain Health Brain Wave Balance and Optimization where the brain gently treats itself with tones to create balance and harmony of a child’s own EEG waves for optimum learning, sleep and mood. This series of assessment and brain “tuning fork” rebalancing sessions are not specifically used to treat a “disease” state but to help the child’s brain be it’s most efficient balance for optimized function. Many have found these treatments useful in ADD/ADHD, anxiety, irritable bowel, learning disabilities, headaches, mood fluctuations, insomnia with nightmares as well as improved immune support. We work to help your child’s growing body treat itself and strengthen as naturally as possible in physical, mental and immune stamina.

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