Joint Health

Joint Health is a Life-Long Proposition

Throughout life, we accumulate small and major injuries to our joints that cause pain and disrupt the quality of our life, affecting our ability to play sports and perform other activities with family and friends. These injuries may be from trauma, auto accidents, sports, degenerative disease, or abnormal wear and tear. Many people have multiple joints that hurt, compounding their pain.

In addition, as we age our hormone levels decrease, we become less active, and the result is that we lose muscle mass. This places additional stress on the ligaments and joints of our bodies, which can lead to pain and arthritis.

Joint pain at night is a common cause of poor sleep, which causes fatigue and mood changes.

When considered together, it is easy to see how our joints play a very major role in many areas of our lives. Having healthy joints forms part of the groundwork to leading a healthy life.

Prolotherapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy in combination with other naturopathic therapies are effective at helping heal joint pain, back pain, and arthritis. Systemically treating each injury in the body restores the entire musculoskeletal system to pain-free and proper function.

At NPG, our doctors will carefully evaluate your condition and develop a treatment plan that effectively addresses your pain and general health issues.

Joint Pain Makeover

Many patients have pain in multiple joints, especially those who have played hard at sports, or been in a severe accident. It is not unusual for a new patient to have both neck and back pain plus some combination of knee, hip, shoulder and elbow pain. We can provide a “joint makeover” by treating multiple joints in a manner that synergizes your healing process. We can treat up to 4 joints in one treatment. We often rotate treatment if more than 4 joints are affected.

Within this website, you can find information on the most frequent joint issues–from migraines and neck and shoulder pain to wrist and toe pain. Just hover your cursor over the Joint Pain section of the menu bar and a list of topics will show underneath. If your pain is not listed go to “ask Dr Cronin” for a free complementary phone consult.

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