Ankle and Foot Pain

Despite the fact that we stand on ankles and feet our entire life, we don't usually think about them unless they are injured. But these complex anatomical structures are involved in hundreds of movements each day. Added to the normal range of usage, when we exercise, we multiply the force of our body weight on them. When we jump and land, even greater force is incurred. We often land on ankles at varying angles, spraining the lateral and medial ligaments. In auto accidents, the right ankle is often injured when slamming on the brake.

When the ligaments of the ankle and foot are injured, our posture, movement, and gait can be altered, which can also put stress and strain on the knee, hip, and back. Injuries from performing gymnastics or playing sports such as volleyball, basketball, and football can create weakened ankles that cause alterations in gait and chronic pain later in life. Once injured, ankle and foot pain can often be reaggravated by a misstep off a curb or a simple sprain.

Ankle and foot problems, including sprains, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis, respond well to Prolotherapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRPT). By stabilizing injured ligaments, a proper gait can often be restored. Further structural relief can come in the form of a foot orthotic.

In our clinic, both Prolotherapy and PRPT are used with a variety of supportive naturopathic methods and nutrients to assist healing.
Ankle pain

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