Low Back Pain

When Our Back Hurts, the Rest of Our Life is Affected!

Chronic or reoccurring low back pain negatively affects the quality of our life. Pain will commonly create a debilitating lifestyle that results in diminished physical activity–a situation that contributes to weight gain and decreased cardiac capacity. Many people have given up on finding a solution and this can lead to depression from the pain and stress that comes with the struggle. For many, excess medication use and abuse can further complicate life.

In our experience, the common missing link in successfully treating low back pain is a careful evaluation of the ligaments of both the lumbar spine and the sacroiliac joint. We evaluate the whole neck and back with a physical exam, movement dynamics, x-rays, and MRI’s if needed.

For the last 12 years, Naturopathic Physicians Group has been a leader in using Prolotherapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRPT) to effectively treat our patients with chronic low back pain. These methods strengthen the ligaments of the back. Prior to coming here, many have been to multiple doctors because they have been unresponsive to other therapies. We also provide therapeutic exercises to complete the rehabilitation.

How Does Low Back Pain Start?

Back pain generally starts with an injury to the lumbar spine and the sacroiliac ligaments such as a sports injury, a fall or a car accident. The original injury may not even be remembered but it destabilizes the ligaments that hold together the sacroiliac and lumbar spine. This initial strain is then aggravated by repetitive motion, twisting and the passing of time. Pain can come from the ilio-lumbar and sacroiliac ligaments, back muscles, arthritis, spinal degeneration and herniated lumbar disks.


Chronic low back pain requires careful assessment because the pain is often from several locations. Clinical experience along with a good physical exam and a careful assessment of imaging is needed to design a treatment plan that will decrease pain and increase function to the extent possible. A thorough exam that includes assessment of the ligaments is important to identify the specific sources of pain in order to treat it effectively. In addition, careful assessment of MRI reports is essential to evaluate spinal degeneration to disks and facets. Mild disk degeneration may not be a complete explanation of your pain.

X-rays and MRI’s

Most of our new patients have had x-rays and MRI’s and we ask that you bring your reports to your visit. If you have films or CD’s, bring them also. The written reports indicate if spinal degeneration, herniated disks, and arthritic changes are mild, moderate, or severe. We assess these carefully, looking for significant areas that can be treated effectively.

A note for those with severe degeneration . . .

Depending on how severe your spinal degeneration is, there are limits to what Prolotherapy and PRPT can accomplish. After your assessment we discuss the treatment possibilities. The good news is that, in a majority of cases, Prolotherapy and, if needed, PRP bring some level of relief and healing for chronic low back pain.

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