Neck Pain, Whiplash and Headaches

“Find the Cause” is a principle of Naturopathic Medicine.

We find that trauma from whiplash injuries, falls and sports trauma weakens the ligaments that hold the head erect. When the ligaments between the vertebra (interspinalis ligaments) and the connective tissue of the cervical facets is sprained, stretched or hypermobile that chronic muscle spasm occurs as the muscles are overworked in providing the stability that the ligaments are failing to provide.Neck Pain with or without Headaches

Many patients live with neck pain from an auto accident many years previous. Neck injuries can last a lifetime if not treated correctly. Chronic neck pain often begins with some kind of trauma that causes whiplash–a stretching and destabilizing of the neck ligaments. Following are some common results from whiplash or other injury to the neck:

  • Headaches often occur from injuries to the ligaments that connect the upper neck and occipital at the base of the skull.
    1. occipital headaches
    2. migraine
    3. Sub-occipital muscle tension Headaches
  • Chronic mid-neck pain often results from overworked muscles holding up the head because the ligaments are injured.
    1. Sprained facet
    2. degenerative disk disease
    3. osteoarthritis
  • Pain in the Trapezius muscle, the upper back, first rib, scapula and bottom of the neck with pain or tingling down the arm
    1. Sprain of the first Rib (costovertebral joint)
    2. Levator scapula tendinosis
    3. Pseudo-radiculopathy into arm
    4. Thoracic vertebra hypermobility and ligament sprain
  • Falling on an outstretched arm or gripping a steering wheel in an auto accident can cause trauma to this first rib area. Many times numbness and tingling in the hand can be traced to injuries in this area.

First Rib Pain and Trapezius Muscle spasm

Many patients suffer chronic neck pain and trapezius muscle spasm caused by a ligament sprain to the first (highest) rib when it attaches to the lower neck vertebrae. This small joint called the “costo-vertebal joint” is often injured frequently by a fall on an outstretched arm that transmits the force up the arm and sprains this important joint capsule. Successful treatment of the first rib joint using prolotherapy can greatly reduce chronic neck pain.

Prolotherapy is especially effective for the neck and back because it focuses on strengthening the ligaments that stabilize the spine.

Note to our patients: X-rays and MRI’s

Many of our patients have had X-rays and MRI’s and we ask that you bring your imaging reports to your visit. If you have films or CD’s, bring them also. Imaging reports indicate if spinal degeneration, herniated disks, and arthritic changes are mild, moderate, or severe. We assess these carefully, looking for the significant areas that can be treated effectively.

Please remember, we all have damage on our physical frame. We quantify physical damage by judging it as Mild, moderate or severe. MRI’s can detect many mild and minute defects. Some of these defects visible on MRI may not be relevant to your pain. Our physical exam and clinical experience combined with a careful assessment of your imaging informs our treatment plan towards the goal of decreased pain and increase function to the extent possible. We would add that there are limits to what Prolotherapy and Platelet Therapy can accomplish. is, After you come in we can discuss the possibilities. Depending on how severe your injury

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