Chronic and recurrent wrist pain can often be traced back to a fall on an outstretched hand or an auto accident when firmly gripping the steering wheel. This traumatizes the ligaments on the palm side, back and sides of the wrist. Aggravation of the original injury can occur by many actions such as opening a stuck bottle of pickles, heavy yardwork, or doing push-ups or a yoga position downward dog or carrying a heavy platter. Sports such as golf, tennis and bike riding can also put stress on the ligaments of the wrist. Sometimes even the action of lifting a tea cup coffee and produce a jolt of discomfort.

Wrist pain often accompanies wrist injuries. The first knuckle of the thumb(carpal-metacarpal joint) is a large joint and essential for many activities that is often sprained and the cartilage damaged. Recurrent injuries to the thumb may result is osteoarthritic changes including bone spurs and cartilage wear and tear.

The use of Prolotherapy to “tighten up” these ligaments and joint capsules by providing nutrients and stimulation is often effective. While PRP is not often needed for wrist injuries it is often used in chronic thumb and finger injuries.

As always prolotherapy is used with a variety of naturopathic methods and nutrients to assist healing.


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