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Environmental Medicine

The body is now fully immersed in a world of thousands of man made chemicals that can act like our hormones and metabolites. The pollutants mimic our body’s naturally occuring signals. These “endocrine disruptors” and hormone mimickers can affect receptors and DNA, stimulating or blocking reactions and creating inflammation foreign to our body’s natural functions.

The body tries to protect us by sequestering these chemicals into less reactive tissues, “putting them away in the attic”. Solvents are stored in fat cells. Heavy metals are stored in solid organ tissues such as the bones, kidneys, liver, thyroid and brain. Testing, symptoms and history help determine if treatment with a personalized “Detox” program is appropriate to help the body clear chemical “waste”.

The body naturally has metabolic processes that already work towards helping the body clear contaminants and excess debris that accumulate in the tissues. Detox programs are used to help our body more effeciently eliminate these pollutants through liver, poop, urine, skin.

In our world of increased pollution burden and abundant processed foods, we all need times where we help the body catch up on clearing the “overload”. Detox programs can be simple or may be extended, depending on lab, symptoms, exposure and the body’s unique ability to handle clearing the chemical compounds.

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