Insomnia includes anything that interferes either with falling asleep or staying asleep. Like many other health issues, it can stem from multiple problems. Physical ailments such as chronic pain interfere with sleep as do wakeful babies, sick pets, night shift jobs, travel, sleep apnea, sinus problems, and . . . well, as you know, the list goes on! Internal health issues can also cause sleep problems. When thyroid, adrenal, and/or reproductive hormones are too much or not enough, our sleep patterns, biorhythms, and deeper sleep states can be disrupted. Unbalanced blood sugar and/or neurotransmitters (chemicals the nerves in our brains use to excite or calm us) can also aggravate sleep patterns. Last, stress, shock, injury, and infection can all disrupt the brain's electrical balance and function.

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Fortunately, insomnia is a common health concernproblem that we work with daily in order to help people, helping patients identify and treat the problem(s) - )–it is not unususalunusual for people to have several of the above health issues creating and aggravating poor sleep. In our approaches, insomnia includes anything that interferes either with falling asleep or staying asleep. Identifying and treating areas of chronic pain allows the body to relax. Checking neurotransmitter levels, hormone balance and digestion are often the first steps to understand metabolism that may cause someone to wake. Sometimes simply addressing bladder weakness that makes someone wake for the bathroom helps keep a person asleep. We review in your visit the areas of health that may be affecting sleep. While botanicals may treat short term relaxation, it is often the homeopathics, diet, protein supplements and hormone balance that reachesBecause the body likes to do a lot of its healing while we are resting and sleeping, we regardNPG regards sleep as an essential healing tool and we will work to help you enjoy your best sleep.

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