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Cognitive Health, or Brain Health, Alternative Therapies | Phoenix and Scottsdale

We all recognize the importance of a healthy body, and this includes cognitive functioning – a healthy brain.

Our alternative therapies are designed to help improve cognitive health. A healthy brain allows us to concentrate, learn and remember, and to play and socialize. Unfortunately, many of us experience issues with cognitive functioning or brain-health challenges. Many different conditions begin causing changes in the brain and in our cognitive health before any physical symptoms appear. Common symptoms which may indicate problems with cognitive functioning or brain-related problems include:

  • brain fog
  • memory problems
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • attention/concentration issues
  • fatigue
  • attention
  • memory
  • processing, reasoning, planning
  • creativity
  • thought

The doctors at Naturopathic Physicians Group complete a detailed clinical assessment, thoroughly evaluating each person’s condition and lifestyle. We use targeted lab testing to look at nutritional status, hormones, thyroid function, neurotransmitter levels, blood sugar, and digestive health. We use the results to create an individual diagnosis and treatment plan to optimize patients’ cognitive health. From anxiety and depression treatments to insomnia supplements, your treatment plan will be completely custom to your individual needs.

Our integrative approach offers alternative therapies and progressive treatment options which may include supplements, hormone balancing, and diet and lifestyle changes to enhance and protect cognitive function. We may recommend specific habits to boost cognitive reserve and resilience.

Contact our holistic healing clinic today and schedule an appointment for alternative therapies that boost cognitive health in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

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