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We are so glad you found your way to us. Our 3 Naturopathic medical doctors provide you and your family with high-quality, health care using full scope Naturopathic and natural medicine in a supportive, friendly environment. We look forward to assisting you in reaching your wellness goals and to keeping you there.

Our website is organized!

In keeping with the naturopathic principles of education and empowerment, you will find a lot of information on this web site and various explanations of what we do. In the Whole Health category on this website we describe to you how we evaluate and treat fatigue, infections, hormone imbalances, and the many symptoms and diseases that bother and limit our patients. The Joint Health pages explain how we evaluate and treat acute and chronic pain, arthritis, sports and auto injuries using prolotherapy and Platelet therapy. The Brain Health section how we evaluate and treat mental health issues, including stress, depression, anxiety, mood changes, sleep problems, Brain fog and cognitive issues.

Use the toolbar at the top of this page to research topics of interest and to determine ways in which we can help you on your path.

What We Offer

Naturopathic Physicians Group (NPG) brings a common-sense approach to health that includes progressive therapies in harmony with the principles of naturopathic medicine. Working alongside you every step of the way, together we assess your health challenges and create a treatment plan that will help your body heal. Occasionally we find it necessary to use prescription drugs, mostly for thyroid and other hormone balancing, and the occasional antibiotic.

We specialize in guiding you to restored health using natural medicine. After using the most relevant health assessment methods, we prescribe natural food diets, nutrients, botanicals, homeopathic medicines, and a variety of natural therapies. Our therapies include:

  • Nutrition
  • Spinal traction
  • Whole-health counseling
  • Testosterone replacement
  • Botanical medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Intravenous nutrient therapy
  • Brain Wave Optimization
  • Prolotherapy
  • Cranial treatments
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRPT)
  • Hydrotherapy

For women's health, we endorse and prescribe the use of low-dose bioidentical hormones complimented with appropriate supplements and nutrients to ensure improved organ function and maximum health.

Who We Are


Drs. Michael and Kyle Cronin are husband and wife Naturopathic Medical Doctors (N.M.D.s, licensed primary care physicians in Arizona) who are trained specialists in the use of natural medicines and therapeutics. Both graduates of National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Ore., they have practiced in Arizona since 1982.

Dr. Katz

Dr. Steven Katz, NMD, is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

A Word About Naturopathic Medicine: Health Care that Educates and Empowers

We expect that you'll find the naturopathic experience different than the conventional medical approach. A main benefit of naturopathic medicine is that it is interactive and co-creative with the patient. Naturopathy is not a matter of receiving care, but of discovering and embracing care that you are committed to because you chose it. Through exploration and education, naturopathic medicine will first teach you to recognize your own symptoms of imbalance and "dis-ease" and will then coach you on ways to bring such disparities back into balance. Along the way, you will come to know when to detoxify and when to nourish organ systems, when to push forward and when to hold back and let nature take it's course. At some point in your health journey, you will notice that it is You who is in charge of your body and You who are creating your own healthier state of being.

As part of it's foundation, naturopathic medicine incorporates the use of nonpharmaceutical (natural) substances and techniques that help move the body to heal itself. The body is always healing and protecting. We who inhabit our bodies, on the other hand, are not always as gracious in sustaining our needs. Much of naturopathic medicine works on repairing what has been compromised, but it's also about learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you move forward. Through naturopathic principles you can begin to understand your body's unique needs at any given time.

Honor yourself with the gift of learning how to understand your own changing health patterns and how to strengthen your body in the process. Health is not a product but a process.

What We Offer

In keeping with the naturopathic principles of education and empowerment, you will find a lot of information on this web site and various explanations of what we do. Use the toolbar at the top of this page to research topics of interest and to determine ways in which we can help you on your path.

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Most people experience back pain. On February 20th, an NPR story suggested that drugs – even over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs – should be a last resort to treat acute lower back pain. I agree. From my perspective, the regenerative injections we provide use inflammation to stimulate regeneration, accelerating or intensifying the body's natural healing respo

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Chronicles of Health Creation

We'd like to highlight this article entitled: "Chronicles of Health Creation: The Naturopathic Profession's Impact on Integrative and Functional Medicine" and was featured on the Huffington Post. Enjoy!

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