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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy | Scottsdale & Phoenix

Professional athletes’ success with PRP therapy has generated widespread attention. Naturopathic Physicians Group has been using PRP since 2004.

PRP therapy is effective for numerous orthopedic conditions including arthritis, bone spurs, tendonitis, muscle spasms, popping or creaking joints, bursitis, and torn ligaments and cartilage. It is especially effective for advanced degeneration, and joints that resist healing, such as osteoarthritic hips, knees and shoulders. Ankle and foot problems, including sprains, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis.

Ligaments, cartilage, tendons and joint capsules have limited circulation, which impairs their ability to heal naturally. (Platelets are a normal response to trauma, so they are not activated by chronic pain conditions.)

Our platelet rich plasma therapy doctors deliver concentrated platelets and proteins (growth factors) directly into pain sites (ligaments and other injured joint tissue). The platelets attach to injured collagen fibers and release their healing growth factors. These molecules generate a chemical signal that attracts stem cells, which develop into the different types of cells (tendon, ligament and/or cartilage) needed to repair the injury and create healthy new joint tissue.

The injected platelets continue to secrete additional growth factors for three to five days. This launches a healing process that continues over 4-8 weeks.

To apply the therapy, we begin with a small sample of your blood that is centrifuged to concentrate the platelets, creating the PRP. Your platelet rich plasma therapy doctor will discuss a treatment plan that may combine the cost-effectiveness of prolotherapy with the increased effectiveness of PRP to optimize your healing in severe joint disease. Call our clinic today, and book an appointment for PRP therapy in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ.

We see many people when they get enthused about re-establishing their health. The components of this can be digestion, energy, sleep. But very frequently in terms of their metabolism and their energy, pain enters in as a confounding variable. They have knee pain, so it’s difficult for them to walk. They have hip pain, so it’s difficult to do yoga. They have shoulder pain so they say they can’t golf.

And so while we are enhancing people’s metabolism, it’s essential that we get people exercising and exercising, not just for the sake of it, but so that they enjoy life. So when you give people back their activities that they haven’t been able to do maybe for years, they really appreciate it and they utilize it in order to maintain correct weight, help their cardiovascular fitness and just generally sleep better after a good day’s exercise.

So for example, with chronic knee pain, very frequently we see this in conjunction with a sprained ankle where there is compensation for the ankle pain that then disrupts the knee. Or it can be a direct knee injury from skiing or falling or basketball.

So by doing prolotherapy to strengthen the ligaments of the ankle, to do prolotherapy to strengthen the ligaments of the knee, maybe to do three treatments of platelet therapy to help heal the cartilage; then all of a sudden a person has their knee back, they’re able to rehabilitate to get their quad strength back and their muscles sequencing back. And then pretty soon they’re hiking on the trail or jogging on the trail and they’re able to get their weight more under control. Their cardiovascular fitness and is helped. So physically rehabilitating chronic pain and injuries is a key component for people to re-own their own bodies and their own health.

So thankful for Naturopathic Physicians Group – I had to cancel my elective knee surgery with my doctor at TOCA due to COVID19 and was left in terrible pain. Dr. Cronin and his team gave me an option I didn’t realize existed with PRP injections! After 1st shot pain reduced and no more popping. After 2nd shot I am hopeful that the results will continue to bring back my normal excercise routines. Staff does a great job of keeping us safe during this time with masks, gloves, no entry except for patients, etc. Wish more people with knee injuries from years of running knew about this option!!!  – Jen W.

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