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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy | Scottsdale & Phoenix

Our clinic has long experience in women’s health and hormone balance. We can help you get back in balance, stronger and healthier.

We have prescribed bioidentical hormones since they first became available. When we suspect a hormone imbalance, we use the 24 hr urine hormone test as a window to your healing path. This test lets us see the levels of six estrogens, testosterone and its androgen metabolites, as well as adrenal hormones such as DHEA, cortisol, and their metabolites.

Considering your lab results along with your symptoms (our healing path is unique to each of us), we can see how your hormones affect your other systems, and work with you to find and maintain your individual thyroid, adrenal and other hormone balance.

And there is more to health and personalized healing patterns than just prescribing hormones. Using personalized

  • anti-inflammatory diets
  • botanical and nutritional organ system treatments
  • homeopathics for symptom balance and receptor function

We emphasize your overall hormonal health for longevity, emotional stability and quality of life, and give you specific advice for specific problems.

Many non-hormone health conditions respond well to hormone balancing. Chronic fatigue, immune function, arthritis, digestion, migraines, insomnia, depression and anxiety, post surgical repair, dental and heart problems, osteoporosis and weight management all benefit from hormone balancing.

To learn more about our naturopathic approach to hormone balance using bioidentical hormones, please watch these videos of Doctor Kyle Cronin.

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