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Digestive/GI Alternative Medicine | Phoenix and Scottsdale

Indigestion, GERD, IBS, SIBO

Our doctors provide alternative medicine treatments for improved holistic digestive health.

  • Stomach upset, intestinal gas, diarrhea, constipation
  • Exposure to food-borne or environmental toxins
  • Food allergies, inflammation
  • Liver & kidney issues

Your everyday functional energy relies on systems that efficiently convert food into fuel and eliminate waste. What you eat and how you metabolize nutrients directly affects energy, performance, restoration, and how you feel. Your functioning energy relies on systems to efficiently convert food into fuel. The liver, kidneys and bowels naturally help the body eliminate waste products from our foods, the environment and our own metabolism.

We are designed to run on clean, whole foods. Unfortunately for our health, in our commercialized, urbanized, time-crunched world, our food choices are often driven by convenience. Food that’s fast most often refines out key nutrients and adds in chemicals, sugars and synthetic fats.

Common food allergies may have subtle or dramatic effects. Our livers, kidneys and bowels naturally eliminate waste from food and environmental compounds from our bodies. After years of unhealthy foods and their toxic by-products, we may need to make changes to your nutritional intake to restore a more energetic metabolism.

Schedule an appointment with our doctors in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, and see how alternative medicine can help improve your holistic digestive health.

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