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Naturopathic Physicians Group is a Whole-Health Medical Clinic

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9200 E. Raintree, Ste 150
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Naturopathic Physicians Group is a Whole-Health Medical Clinic

Naturopathic Physicians Group is a naturopathic medical clinic serving the Phoenix area from Scottsdale, with doctors specializing in regenerative joint therapy and whole health.

Our naturopathic doctors provide excellent care – testing, diagnosis, and effective evidence-based treatments. Each individual situation is unique. We offer immediate care and long-term programs that heal and optimize.

Our providers listen. We take the time to hear your full story so we can understand your issues. We develop an accurate, comprehensive and holistic diagnosis that identifies the underlying cause of your pain or illness.

From naturopathic medicine to prolotherapy treatments, our naturopathic doctors plan and provide treatments that facilitate natural healing and fit in your life.

We help restore joint function with treatments such as prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy. Our naturopathic doctors restore balance in immune and digestive systems, and hormones, to improve cognition and emotional stability.

We emphasize natural and holistic interventions and lifestyle changes, using the full palette of care options from traditional remedies to modern science. We work with physical therapists and other doctors, referring you to them when it’s appropriate to deliver the most effective care possible.

We often help people who have not found relief with other treatments.

Contact our Scottsdale clinic to discuss your needs, and schedule an appointment with our naturopathic and prolotherapy doctors today.

We work with patients to improve their health for life. Make an appointment with a naturopathic or prolotherapy doctor today.


Joint Pain Treatments

Are you looking to treat a joint condition caused by a sports injury, accident, work injury, chronic issues, an autoimmune condition, or age-related joint-tissue degradation?

People often try many different joint-pain treatments without relief. Our prolotherapy doctors offer treatment with a progression of proven regenerative therapies also including PRP therapy and stem cell therapy. The regenerative therapies included in individualized treatment plans depend on how severe the damage is. Our prolotherapy treatments plans are designed to help repair and may fully restore damaged joint tissues.

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Whole Health Treatments

Patients come to our naturopathic doctors with a range of conditions: digestive, respiratory, sleep, sinus, circulation, mental, immune response, thyroid, weight management, allergy and endocrine/hormone problems.

Treating whole-health conditions includes nutritional advice, natural supplements, and in many cases homeopathy, botanical and functional medicine, bioidentical hormones, and IV vitamin therapies.

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