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“I appreciate the team effort of all the employees and their working together for their patients’ benefit. I refer my clients, friends and family to the clinic for hormonal and physical medicine care.” – P. Richards, patient

We have been treating a wide range of health challenges at our clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona since 2004. The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and personal.

Our Team

We strive to be helpful, thorough and informative. Our team makes sure your needs are met beyond the exam room by responding to your calls, emails, scheduling, labs and supplement requests. It’s important to us to be efficient, heartfelt, friendly and respectful of your time.

Who We Treat

Our patients are motivated to be active, fit, healthy and happy. This means something different to each patient. Our patients are typically:

Athletes who want to heal fast and get back in action, in high school or college, weekend warriors, professional and masters.

  • Treating injuries early to extend their active lives.
  • Wanting to work and play without pain, fatigue, headaches or other chronic issues.

Parents, grandparents, children, friends and neighbors who are looking out for each other.

Frustrated people who haven’t seen results from physical therapy, chiropractic, or acupuncture.

  • Trying to fix immediate, acute pain as well as more chronic issues like a stiff joint, poor sleep, or recurring sickness.

Children (and their parents) seeking to optimize mental and physical development and nutrition, and address issues from food allergies to behavior.

Both women and men dealing with hormone imbalances, digestion and metabolic issues caused by aging, stress and other factors.


“Everything at this business ROCKS. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to get control of their own healing and health.” — Tom C. 

“I am a patient of Dr. Kyle Cronin. I always enjoy my visits. Dr. Kyle is professional, knowledgeable, kind and attentive. Also, the staff is very nice, efficient and helpful”. — Dana S. 

“I am truly grateful to have found the Naturopathic Group. I felt my hope renewed in being able to trust my body to return to wellness and wholeness. I have followed the guidance I was given throughout my years of going to the Naturopathic Group and have realized the results of feeling stronger, healthier, and more in harmony with my body and ability to live life.” — Bird W. 

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