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Women’s Health in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Transitions through life events – expected or unexpected – force us to learn about ourselves and our bodies. Women’s health care must address our hormonal changes: menstrual cycling, pregnancy, nursing and menopause. Good health makes transitions easier to navigate.

At Naturopathic Physicians Group, we work with women’s complex medical histories, often including negative interactions with hormones, pharmaceuticals, and conventional medicines. We provide holistic care for women through specific treatments and advice, while building your overall health for longevity and emotional strength and resilience.

We understand in depth how your digestion, thyroid, adrenal, liver and female hormones function and interact, and how your hormones influence your brain performance, cardiovascular, digestive, immune and liver functions, allergies, blood sugar, and environmental, chemical and inflammatory responses.

We carefully assess your status, so we can help optimize your health. We offer natural, conventional and cutting-edge research, and use detailed lab reports to understand your specific needs. We will teach you what these lab findings mean for your recovery and optimal health.

Dr. Kyle has specialized in prescribing low-dose bioidentical hormones for more than 20 years, helping women to naturally rebuild their health so their bodies can produce more of their own hormones.

Good health provides more satisfaction in our daily lives. Take a natural approach to women’s health with our Phoenix and Scottsdale physicians.

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