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Headaches, neck pain, neck aches

Prolotherapy in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Prolotherapy is effective for acute or chronic pain, arthritis and unresolved injuries.

Many pain conditions permanently resolve when ligaments and joint capsules are repaired using prolotherapy, also called regenerative ligament therapy, a series of injections for treating pain caused by injured or weak ligaments. Prolotherapy is effective for acute or chronic pain, arthritis and unresolved injuries. Prolotherapy is very effective at healing neck pain, and back pain caused by sacroiliac injuries.

For example, chronic ankle pain, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis respond positively to prolotherapy. By stabilizing injured ligaments, a proper gait can often be restored. Further structural relief can come in the form of a foot orthotic.

In our clinic, both Prolotherapy and PRP are used with a variety of supportive naturopathic methods and nutrients to assist healing.

Careful examination of joints to identify injured ligaments and other tissue is critical to effective prolotherapy treatment.

We use a solution that stimulates growth of healthy collagen. We use a nutrient formula consisting of the natural substances glucose (which provides energy for healing, stimulating collagen growth), and glucosamine sulfate (which builds collagen, tightening the joint), along with a short-acting local anesthetic. Release of these nutrients into the injury site triggers a healing cascade beginning with a tonification of the existing ligament structure. The second mechanism of repair is the deposition of new collagen that strengthens ligaments and cartilage. This restores proper joint function.

The prolotherapy solution is injected directly into the injured ligaments, causing a mild localized healing response that increases the strength and thickness of the ligament. The strengthened ligaments then stabilize the joint, effectively removing the source of the pain. Generally, three to eight treatments are needed to fully stabilize an injured joint.

We provide prolotherapy in Phoenix and Scottsdale with an individualized treatment plan that includes the number of treatments, and if PRP is needed in addition to or instead of prolotherapy. Each prolotherapy injection can be adjusted to be milder (for patients sensitive to injections) or strong for those wanting faster results. We do not use prolotherapy solutions that irritate or produce a fibrotic reaction.

Platelet Therapy & Prolotherapy Treatments

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