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PRP, Prolotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy for Joints | Scottsdale & Phoenix

Every joint in the body has ligaments, tendons and cartilage. 

Joint health – pain-free joint movement – starts with healthy ligaments, which are too often overlooked in orthopedic evaluations. Our physical exams identify injured ligaments, essential to effective treatment. We specialize in restoring musculoskeletal function.

Imagine living pain-free without surgery or medication.

As we move through life, we accumulate injuries to our joints. Structure-altering trauma – and mild to crippling pain – can be caused by one serious injury, an accumulation of small traumas, repetitive motion, joint-tissue degradation due to age or stress, or any combination of these factors. Any damage that destabilizes a joint accelerates tissue degradation over time, often becoming arthritis. The resulting pain may impair your work and play, sleep, motivation and energy. Reducing structural pain and its limitations can free you up to be more active and healthy overall.

As we age, our hormone levels decrease, we become less physically active, we lose muscle mass and bone mass (sarcopenia), and often we gain body fat (osteopenia). These changes alter our movement patterns and walking gait, which further stresses our ligaments and joints, creating pain patterns that tell the history of our injuries.

Most of our new patients have been to orthopedic surgeons and physical therapy. We are confident that these pain syndromes can be repaired with naturopathic medical care, bioidentical hormone therapy, prolotherapy and exercise. Systematically treating each injured joint throughout the body with prolotherapy can restore the entire musculoskeletal system to proper, pain-free function.

Identifying the root cause of your pain is the key to successful treatment. On your first visit, we do a physical exam and discuss therapies you’ve tried. We review your imaging (x-rays, MRIs), and may do an ultrasound exam. Once we complete our assessment of the damage, we give you a clear explanation of your options. When appropriate, we will prescribe a progression of regenerative treatment to repair and regenerate your damaged ligaments, tendons and cartilage.

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