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Men’s Health

Our integrative approach to men’s health is focused on prevention and optimizing performance. We take into account factors such as diet, stress, nutrients, inflammation and any system imbalances.

Men’s health concerns include higher rates of heart disease, prostate disorders, sexual dysfunction and the impacts of low testosterone.

We go beyond conventional care, treating these conditions using modalities that take into account your physical, emotional and other intangible dimensions of healthy living.

Whole Health Doctor ScottsdaleFor an overview of the Naturopathic Physicians Group’s approach to men’s health, please watch Dr. Mike Cronin’s video or read the below transcript.

Transcript of “Whole health and Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Michael Cronin:

As a naturopathic physician, some of the patients that we see, their problems are pretty straightforward, but others are very complex, very chronic, and long-lasting.

And that’s why we have to investigate each system. So we look at their mood, their digestion, their neurotransmitters, their endocrine system, their structural integrity and where they have pain.

When we have somebody that has basically multi-system dysfunction, we will oftentimes start with the diet in terms of first eliminating foods that we find to be allergic or irritating to their system, enhance their digestion. And then with that, we’re also looking closely at their hormones. How is their thyroid functioning? Their adrenals? Is their liver fatigued?

And so this combination of endocrine assessment and fine tuning is key for people finding their vitality. Neurotransmitters and mood is another category where we’re able to do some testing and evaluate if people have sufficient amino acids and neurotransmitter levels in order to feel healthy and happy and motivated.

And we look at the structural component in terms of where they have pain and if they’re on pain medication and are they exercising in order to get those naturally occurring endorphins. So through this multi-system approach, we’re able to reestablish people’s health.

And the key to it is working with people as a coach at the pace at which they are able to proceed. Some people are able to just jump right in and work on multiple things at once. But many people are more systematic, so we go at their pace in terms of changing their diet and then we introduce the neurotransmitter piece once their digestion is cleared up. Then we work on their pain maybe one joint at a time if they have a knee pain, hip pain, and some back pain. Whereas others we go more aggressively. They want to get things done quicker.

So we’re adaptable to the patient’s need in order for them to find their whole health.

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