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IV Vitamin Therapy in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Intravenous (IV) nutrition therapy is one of the “big guns” to treat chronic disease.

When medicines and treatments are taken by mouth, only a fraction of the treatment is effective; part may be degraded by the digestive system, and a portion of what makes it into the bloodstream is often filtered out the liver and kidneys. In contrast, intravenous (IV) nutrition therapy is one of the “big guns” to treat chronic disease and other conditions and disorders. It’s the fastest and most effective way to deliver these treatments. Additive formulas add carefully measured substances to the body, with the full effect being delivered directly via the bloodstream. Subtractive formulas are often essential to detoxifying the body of environmental, chemical or pathogenic toxins, chemically trapping, neutralizing and/or eliminating those substances from the body. The IV vitamin therapy treatments we offer in Phoenix and Scottsdale include:

Additive (+) IV vitamin therapies (designed to add substances to the body) include:

  • Nutrient therapy
  • Glutathione IV Therapy
  • The Myer’s Cocktail
  • Vision Therapy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Neurological therapy

Subtractive (–) IV vitamin therapies (designed to remove substances from the body) include:

  • Chelation Therapy
  • Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) Therapy
  • Chelox Therapy
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