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Children’s Health

Children are developing in so many ways. We (adults) can help them to be healthy, happy and well-adjusted.

Homeopathic Doctor ScottsdaleWhen kids face health challenges, from colds and allergies to injuries and anxiety, our clinic both treats and educates.

Sometimes the treatment is simple: for a fever, stay home and rest. For more complicated problems, such as behavior and moods, weight, allergies, asthma, hormone imbalances, or chronic disease, we take a holistic approach. We help to care for each child by considering the context of their health: what they eat, their environment, their activities and behavior, and how they handle stress. Many of childrens’ common health problems respond readily to our holistic approach.

Beyond treating conditions, we help you learn how to keep your children exceptionally healthy, strengthen their immune systems and stimulate their natural health and wellness.

We do school and camp physicals, and we encourage you to work with your pediatrician for vaccines and routine checkups.

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