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Oh Those Allergies!

As a desert state with high winds and arid conditions, we are exposed to dust and a wide variety of imported and native pollens during the many different growing, blooming, and weather seasons in Arizona. The drier climate allows pollens to sit on our mucus membranes and have more irritation time to flare allergies. It is essential to improve the function of the nasal mucous membrane function. Some patients require naturopathic methods to improve the structure of the nose and sinuses using endonasal manipulation. Beyond this, there is even more to the allergy picture. Behind the scenes, our immune system is hard at work not only combating the local pollen seasons but also fighting any viral and bacterial invaders that come into the body. Food allergens enter through the digestive system and chemical toxins travel through the lungs, gut and skin. Ultimately, allergens make it into the bloodstream and are processed through the liver, where immune cells sort out friend and foe.

The immune system is a culture of freestanding white blood cell guardians and antibody warriors that can float through lymph tissues like water seeping through a sponge or they can hang out in lymph glands or in the liver or spleen tissues to keep watch. Research is beginning to uncover that the brain also affects immune function, perhaps making us more prone to overactive (autoimmune) or underactive (trouble fighting off infections and cancer) immune defenses. Our hormones can also unbalance/derange immune function, especially since stress hormones affect our defense and anti inflammatory responses.

As with all health concerns, at NPG we like to make sure brain, hormone, digestive and nutritional balance are there to support immune defense. Since exposure to environmental pollutants also complicates and compromises the immune system, helping the body clear these contaminants helps as well. Botanical medicines, homeopathic medicines, nutrient IVs, foods, nutritional supplements, acupuncture and hydrotherapies are used to help clear symptoms as well as to strengthen, balance, and support immune function. Personalized anti-inflammatory diets create the groundwork for a balanced response.

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