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Time For A Tune-up

Time for a Tune-up

Just like a car, your body needs regular maintenance and tune-ups. 

As for maintenance, more and more studies support the following behaviors around eating and exercise:

  • Avoiding excess sugar. When digested, sugar is treated as a toxin by our bodies and excess amounts can lead to chronic conditions including heart diseaseobesity, and cancer. Some tips: replace sugary drinks with water, cut down on candy, replace sugary desserts with whole fruits. 
  • Eating single ingredient items. Avoid processed foods such as chips and frozen meals which typically have preservatives, added sugars, and salt. Need a snack? Reach for a handful of nuts or some vegetables. In fact, eat lots of veggies. Raw, roasted, grilled, marinated… vegetables taste good and are so good for you. 
  • Moving! Regular exercise reduces the risk of disease and helps your sleep and mood. …And studies show that you don’t need to spend much time to see and feel the benefits, …but the more the better. 

Do your body good and come in for a tune-up.

We can’t help with your car, but we can help keep your body in shape!

  • Come in for a check-up. Figure out where you are and where you want to be concerning your health and wellness. A comprehensive exam and lab assessments are the first steps on the path of living your best life. Once we determine what’s going on with you, we partner with you to treat, heal and optimize.
  • Fix your aches and pains. What’s holding you back from moving more? Fun activity when you’re younger – be it in the form of sports, or experiencing the rough and tumble of life – can often affect your joints, ligaments, and tendons long-term. Regenerative medicine – ProlotherapyPRP, or Stem Cell Therapy – can help fix both chronic and acute aches and pains. 
  • Get your body back in balance. When your 70+ hormones or other bodily systems get out of whack it affects energy, mood, sleep, and overall health. We can help figure out what needs tweaking and provide comprehensive care to get you and your loved ones – women, men, and children – back to feeling great. 

Your car needs fuel and oil on a regular basis. And it needs to go into the shop for more comprehensive tuning – tires rotated or changed, and filters, lights, brakes, the engine examined… Similarly, your body needs regular maintenance and tune-ups. We encourage you to come in for a tune-up and to talk about your specific maintenance needs. Come figure out what you need to be your best you and we’ll help you get there! 

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