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The Naturopathic Physicians Group is a whole-health medical clinic serving the Phoenix area from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Our naturopathic doctors specialize in regenerative medicine and health optimization for men, women, and children.

Our treatments facilitate natural healing.

We help heal the causes of joint pain using non-invasive treatments such as prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and stem cell therapy, which concentrate the body’s own healing factors to repair and regenerate healthy tissue.

We restore balance in immune, digestive and hormone systems to improve energy, cognition and emotional stability. We begin with comprehensive testing, and develop individualized treatment incorporating diet, herbal and homeopathic remedies and lifestyle adjustments.

Many of our patients come to us after failing to find relief with other medical approaches and treatments.

Give us a call to discuss your health and wellness needs.

We will work with you to improve your health for life.

All the docs here are absolutely exceptional. The front office staff as well. All are very kind and helpful. I come here for all my needs, especially regenerative injections (PRP, prolo) and Dr. Mike is such a pro. I will always recommend that people come here. They’re a great family practice with highly skilled docs who know how to get to the root cause of health problems and treat the whole person. They understand how the body can heal itself when treated well and thoroughly. I always feel like I’m listened-to here and I can tell they really care about me as an individual. Thank you all for your compassion and skillful treatment!!” – Eleanor R.

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