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Womens health - photo by Maria Badasian
We specialize in naturopathic care and treatment of women’s health conditions, including hormone imbalances. We help women move with grace through all phases in their lives.

For women who want to navigate their bodies’ changes as naturally as possible, we provide expert guidance.

Women’s natural transitions bring welcome changes, along with night sweats, cramps, insomnia and brain fog.

Hormone-related changes can be welcome, though these transitions can bring discomfort and a host of other issues.

Patients often come in with conditions related to menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause. We step back to carefully assess all of their bodies’ interdependent systems to be sure we understand the real cause. Then we help them get on a path to balanced health, resolving immediate problems, maintaining their recovery, and improving their health over time.

The Naturopathic Physicians Group’s whole-health perspective and personalized holistic care help women navigate the full range of their health issues.

We work with women at all stages and phases of life to resolve their symptoms and optimize their health. Restoring healthy hormone balance touches diet, lifestyle, home regimens, plant medicines, and even low-dose bio-identical hormones are serving your needs. Every woman experiences hormonal transitions differently, so treatment plans are unique to each woman.

We offer women:

  • Regular preventative check-ups
  • Whole-life assessments, to understand the context and cause of your symptoms
  • Comprehensive lab testing for hormones, including thyroid and adrenal levels
  • Supplements, including botanicals and homeopathic hormone support and replacement
  • Personalized nutrition advice to address weight loss, system repair, and inflammation
  • Programs to help you stay healthy over time

We provide naturopathic women’s health services to people in the Phoenix area from our clinic in Scottsdale. 

Dr. Kyle Cronin

Dr. Kyle Cronin

Dr. Kyle Cronin has helped women of all ages with the full range of health issues and has been at the forefront of studying and lecturing on the effectiveness of low-dose bioidentical hormones, for more than 20 years. Her practice helps women to naturally restore their health. Please visit Dr. Kyle Cronin’s biography to read more details on her whole health approach, or watch her series of videos.

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