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Naturopathic Clinic Treating Symptoms of Perimenopause and Menopause

The Naturopathic Physicians Group provides naturopathic women’s health services to women in the Phoenix area from our clinic in Scottsdale.

What are Menopause and Perimenopause? 

Menopause is the natural end to menstrual cycles that occurs around age 50 for most women. Menopause is diagnosed after 12 months of missed periods, but the transition and associated symptoms can start many years before. This transition into menopause is called perimenopause. For some women, it may last a few months, for others, the transition can take over 10 years.

What symptoms do many women experience during the natural stages of menopause?

While a normal process, the substantial changes in hormone levels that occur can cause a myriad of sometimes debilitating symptoms.

Many women who experience menopause will have combined mental and emotional symptoms, including moodiness, anxiety, a hazy mind, and irritability. Physical symptoms of perimenopause can include hot flashes and night sweats, headaches, disturbed sleep, a lessening of vaginal lubrication, frequent night urination (nocturia), osteoporosis, and libido changes.

Perimenopause can also appear as intensified premenstrual syndrome, irregular periods, and breast tenderness.

A common response that women hear from conventional medical doctors when describing their life-altering symptoms is that “there’s really nothing you can do about it.” This is not true.

There are, in fact, many things that can be done to alleviate symptoms. Some are simple, some may be more complex. Please call our clinic at (480) 451-6161 and our doctors can determine what menopausal treatments may work best for you.

What are some potential natural treatments for perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms?

Our clinic often provides treatments of bioidentical hormone therapy as it has shown to be effective in lessening menopause symptoms. Many women opt for herbal remedies depending on their health concerns and risk factors. Menopause and perimenopause can be uncomfortable, but there are many natural solutions to ease your discomfort. Our doctors recommend numerous ways to improve your experience, some of which are listed below:

Natural Solutions for Common Menopausal Symptoms

Hot Flashes, Flushing, and Night Sweats

Vasomotor symptoms, such as hot flashes, flushing and night sweats, are the most commonly depicted and discussed of all menopause symptoms. They can come on at any time and thus cause significant inconvenience for those going through menopause. The cause of these symptoms is unclear but likely relates to a shifting hormonal balance in the body. Vasomotor symptoms are often treated by herbal supplements like black cohosh, red clover, ginseng, among others. Acupuncture has been shown to help as well.

Please schedule an appointment at our clinic so our doctors can help you alleviate menopausal symptoms early on. We’ve seen too many patients at their wit’s end after too many sleepless nights lying on towels using their moisture-wicking running clothes as pajamas.


prolotherapy for shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand

Bone density decreases in many people transitioning past child-bearing years, due to changing hormones and lifestyle shifts. Osteoporosis causes breaks and fragility, but our doctors can treat these menopausal conditions with bioidentical hormones and lifestyle changes. Increasing weight-bearing exercise, changing your diet to include more calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D, and supplementing your diet with helpful acids and herbs can help deal with osteoporosis and prevent its spread.

Mental Health / Brain Health

Menopause and perimenopause can cause exacerbated anxiety and memory issues, including panic attacks and temporary panic disorder. Gingko biloba and sage herb have been shown to help with attention disorders and memory issues exacerbated in post-menopausal people, while lemon balm can improve symptoms of nervousness and sleep disorders.

You can speak to a naturopathic doctor about creating a plan to incorporate exercise, diet, herbs, acupuncture, and other natural treatments into your life to improve your mood and stability as you transition through these menopausal phases. With the right support and attention, menopause can be a smooth transition into a new stage of life. If you’re going through perimenopause or menopause and would like to talk to someone at the Naturopathic Physician’s Group about options for you, contact our clinic at (480) 451-6161 or at

Dr. Kyle H. Cronin

Kyle Cronin, Women's Health Naturopath in Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Kyle H. Cronin provides advice and treatment for the full range of women’s health issues. She is an expert on low-dose bioidentical hormones. Years of experience help her accurately diagnose the root cause of health issues and offer treatments that work for many who have exhausted conventional medicine.

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