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Balance is natural and individual.

Achieve your balance through naturopathic care.

We take a whole health approach to your health care.

Naturopathic Women’s Healthcare

The Naturopathic Physicians Group provides naturopathic women’s health services to women in the Phoenix area from our clinic in Scottsdale.

Are you seeking a more integrated and effective approach to health care? Call 480-451-6161 to optimize your health and ease your transitions.

Finding a healthy balance can be challenging for women, especially when combined with life events such as preparing for pregnancy, conception, and for transitions like menopause. Unlike the conventional approach of just treating symptoms, our clinic uses natural approaches to health and wellness that focus on finding the root cause and keeping you healthy and happy long-term.

When alleviating symptoms such as night sweats, cramps, sleepless nights, or brain fog, we consider all of your body’s systems. We work with you to balance your hormones, digestion, and endocrine system to relieve fatigue, PMS and menopausal symptoms. Once the balance is restored, women usually feel better. They have more energy, they are happier, sleep better, and look and feel more vibrant.

Women’s Health Physician

Dr. Kyle H. Cronin

Kyle Cronin, Women's Health Naturopath in Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Kyle H. Cronin provides advice and treatment for the full range of women’s health issues. She is an expert on low-dose bioidentical hormones. Years of experience help her accurately diagnose the root cause of health issues and offer treatments that work for many who have exhausted conventional medicine.

She enjoys helping women be as healthy as possible for life. She provides expert care and guidance to help balance all systems. She helps women get ready for, and navigate, all stages and life paths such as pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. She treats and educates on hormone balancing, digestive health, and holistic pain management, and offers alternatives and complements to IVF.

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