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My back is totally great!

“I had tennis elbow for 14 months, (onset due to poor ergonomics and excessive computer use), and could not get any relief from conventional treatment (physical therapy, rest from computers, brace, etc.) Based on a recommendation, I saw Dr. Cronin and he suggested Platelet Therapy (PRP), but due to the cost, he asked if I also had other areas that might need treatment. I was a bit skeptical, but I had surgery on my right hip 5 years previously, and while the surgery did an amazing job of repairing a torn labrum, I still had mild pain on occasion. Dr. Cronin treated both areas, and after two treatments, I could tell a huge improvement. I went in for a third treatment, and also had him start treating my low back. I had injured my back 20 years previously, and it was aggravated by a rear-end collision 10 years ago. I always had mild pain but treated it with frequent Chiropractor visits, and lots of core training to keep my back strong. The Chiro helped, but never totally got rid of the pain. It has been 3 months, and my elbow, hip, and back are all phenomenal. Last week I had a business trip and spent 5 days in a hotel; I always come back with a huge backache from the sagging mattresses. Not this time! For the first time in 10 years, my back is TOTALLY great. I know that Platelet therapy is expensive, but when I add up the cost of just my tennis elbow treatments – let’s not even discuss the cost of Chiropractic care over the last 10 years – the PRP therapy is well worth it in my experience. I would recommend anyone with joint pain go talk with Dr. Cronin. He has done amazing things for me, and I give him and his staff my highest recommendation.”

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