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IV Therapy to Fight Chronic Infections

Serving the Phoenix Area from Scottsdale, Arizona

If you are looking to do more to fight a chronic infection, we may be able to help.

You might have been to a lot of different doctors already and may already be under one or more treatment regimes. Some treatments work for some and not others. Sometimes current treatments work but you want to supplement them so that they are more effective.

Whatever you’re already doing, we can help you do it better. We help you boost your immune system and get your cells stronger and more able to fight off chronic infections.

How can IV therapy help fight chronic infections?

Traditional medications often alleviate symptoms caused by chronic infections, but ultimately it’s up to the immune system to neutralize the infection entirely. Unfortunately, chronic infections wear down the immune system. Over time, the infection can get worse and spread, disabling the immune system even more. To reverse infections the immune system needs a significant boost. The immune system’s antibodies need vitamins and minerals to fight off infections. If your body is depleted of specific nutrients your immune system can’t fight.

What if I just eat better and take supplements?

Healthy eating and supplements taken by mouth absolutely help, but they take time and may not be enough to fight an infection. Food and oral supplements must first go through the digestive process, whereas IV therapy allows for a maximum amount of nutrient absorption in far less time. IV therapy delivers large doses of nutrients that boost the immune system faster and provide vitamins and minerals directly to organs and to your immune system’s antibodies. Nutrients and minerals delivered directly into the bloodstream give immune system antibodies and organs fast and direct access. Highly concentrated doses of nutrients can be absorbed for a faster immune system boost.

Are all clinics that offer IV therapy the same?

Each person in need of an immune boost requires a different set of nutrients. This is because each chronic illness is fought off in a distinctive manner and each person’s unique daily life results in various vitamins and minerals lacking in his or her body. So, at the Naturopathic Physicians Group, IV therapy is tailored to each person. Plus, at the Naturopathic Physicians Group, IV therapies are just one aspect of comprehensive, holistic care. Patients work with a board-certified naturopathic doctor incrementally over a series of visits for the best results. They often visit with the other providers to take advantage of the clinic’s wide range of experience and expertise.

What’s typically in the IV therapy for chronic infections?

IV treatments provided by our clinic typically include high-dose IV Vitamin C, Myers’ Cocktail, IV Glutathione, and many others. The course and duration of treatment depends on each individual patient’s condition and needs. Myers’ Cocktail is a core formula that combines vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium with the full complex of B vitamins including B1,2,3,5,6 and B12. This combination provides essential nutrients to boost your immune system, increase energy, and metabolic efficiency to optimize health. A thorough first visit, testing, and regular followup treatments determine the best IV mix and any other treatments needed to boost your system and fight your infection.

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