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Women's Health Care by a Woman Doctor

We, as women, are particularly aware of health issues and of the many hormonal changes that life brings. Good health makes these hormonal transitions of menstrual cycling, pregnancy, nursing and menopause menopause easier to navigate.

Dr. Kyle works with women who have had complex medical histories and negative interactions with hormones, drugs, and conventional medicines.

Dr. Kyle gives specific advice for treating your specific problems while she emphasizes building a your overall health for longevity, emotional stability and quality of life.

Dr. Kyle carefully identifies how your digestion, thyroid, adrenal, liver and female hormones function and interact in order to optimize health and well being. Other essential variable are brain health, cardiovascular fitness, blood sugar, allergies, immune status and inflammatory responses.

Dr. Kyle has specialized in providing low-dose bioidentical hormone prescriptions for more than 20 years. She emphasizes helping women identify how to naturally rebuild health and become strong enough so that their bodies produce more of their own hormones.

Women’s health care must acknowledge and honor the changing needs of women’s hormones. Dr. Kyle carefully listens to your personal history and symptoms to help understand the underlying health of the body. She uses both conventional and detailed/cutting edge research lab reports to understand your health. During the visits, Dr. Kyle teaches you what these lab findings may mean for your steps to recovery, repair and optimal health.

Dr. Kyle works with the balance of thyroid, adrenal and female hormones. She carefully identifies with lab and symptoms how your hormones are interwoven with brain performance, cardiovascular, digestion, liver function, allergies, blood sugar, immune, environmental chemical and inflammatory responses.

Women are particularly aware of health issues and the many hormonal changes that life brings. Good health makes these hormonal transitions easier to navigate. Good health provides more satisfaction in our daily process of living.

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