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Dr. Steven Katz

Dr. Steven Katz, The Naturopathic Group

Dr. Steven Katz, The Naturopathic Group

Dr. Steven Katz has been working for Naturopathic Physicians Group since 2013. During his clinical education, he spent a year and a half working at the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS where he developed protocols to strengthen the immune system’s ability to fight both acute and chronic illness. Dr. Katz also spent two years working in alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers utilizing numerous naturopathic modalities. He was trained in IV therapy protocols as well as how to properly detoxify patients and help restore and balance their health. He has used these skills to help many patients with neurological conditions such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia, in addition to many chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Dr. Katz is an expert in pain management in which he addresses the problem in a patient-centered approach. He determines the root cause of the pain and then uses restorative injection techniques such as stem cell therapy, PRP therapy (platelet-rich plasma therapy) and prolotherapy to heal the condition.

Dr. Katz also treats digestive disorders such as food allergies, acid reflux, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis. With each patient, Dr. Katz develops an individualized plan to help treat their condition. He believes in balancing the body’s biochemistry to help restore proper function.

He takes the time to educate his patients on their health as he understands that this is the best approach to long-term success. Dr. Katz has continued his own education and become trained or certified in advanced restorative treatments such as ozone therapy and adipose-derived stem cell therapy. Dr. Katz’ passion for naturopathic medicine does not stay isolated to the clinic. Since June of 2016, he was elected the State of Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association President. He devotes his time and energy to improve both the patients he works with as well as his profession. Due to his dedication, he was recognized in 2017 as the Southwest College Of Naturopathic Medicine Alumni of the Year.

“The art of successfully applying prolotherapy is adapting the dosage and frequency of treatment to the individual patient’s comfort.”
–Dr. Steven Katz

“I have been seeing Dr. Katz for IV therapy, for approximately a year and a half. The treatments have helped to significantly improve my symptoms. Dr. Katz is always patient, kind, and willing to brainstorm ideas that will continue to improve my well-being!! I am grateful to have found such a kind, knowledgeable, and supportive doctor.” — Richard B.

“Since aligning my diet and lifestyle to my body chemistry, I not only eliminated the gout but have seen remarkable improvements in reduced inflammatory markers and much improved balance of blood sugar. I appreciate that Dr. Katz patiently answers all of my questions and responds quickly with any necessary follow-up information. He has made a major difference in my life and I am very grateful!”

— Roger E.

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